1.To assess the level of the scientific capabilities of the participating departments of UCTM in the defined field by Expert Visit * as a part of kick-off meeting in M2 (*in case of impossibility to visit UCTM due to the pandemic of COVID-19 the European partners will attend the Kick-off meeting online)
2. To extract the key parameters required for improvement of the particular research field in relation with the creation of aimed scientific network.
3.To define the scientific methodology to be followed in the project DRUG-MOLECULE in order to achieve strong collaboration between the partners.
Description of work
Participants UCTM, CNR, experts from Austria, Sunbay.
Lead partner: UCTM (prof. Daniela Tsekova)

WP1 foresees the development of a methodology to be followed for the establishment of a scientific network between the UCTM and the advanced European partners in the defined field. It constitutes the timeframe for initiating the collaboration bond between the 3 partners, as a pre-cursor to the actual implementation in the following WPs. Thus, the first 2 months of the project will be used to connect physically all teams (on site or online) to coordinate all planned tasks during the project progress and to keep abreast with the progress of WP1 tasks until the finalization of the framework. For this purpose, one expert visits to UCTM is planned and several contacts via video conference.