To educate and train ESRs by experienced researchers and experts at Partners and Lead organization, who will be responsible for the further knowledge transfer to UCTM.
Each ESR will be involved in a specific thematic project focused on medicinal chemistry and drug discovery. Moreover, the ESRs will also receive a complimentary skill training to produce researchers with a broad portfolio of non-scientific, generic transferable skills that will be used throughout their subsequent careers and relevant to the wider career goals of these individuals. In addition to the training of ESRs, contacts among the experienced researchers will be directed to preparation and submission of joint proposals.
Description of work
Participants: UCTM, experts from Austria, CNR and Sunbay
Lead partner: UCTM (prof. Emilia Naydenova)

This WP entails the development of the individual research projects on which the education of the ESRs will be based on. The objective will be achieved through the execution of these projects which will aim to cover important scientific aspects of targeted cancer (or other diseases) therapy including chemical synthesis, in vitro testing and finally in vivo testing. The realization of the designed projects will accelerate the transfer of fundamental knowledge into applied research and advance our understanding about the drug discovery process. Excellent and competitive research requires high quality ideas/solutions and access to unique competencies/technologies. The ESRs will acquire this vision through the realization of their projects.

The CSA activities and means will include: secondments of ESRs, complimentary skill training, peer-to-peer and reverse teaching.